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What UMS offers?

Our company boasts state-of-the-art multi-axis CNC metal machining centers from HAAS Automation, integrated with Renishaw CMM measurement systems. We also utilize additional equipment and tools from reputable global companies like Kemmler Tools, Hoffmann, SMC, Schneider, and others.

We take pride in our sheet metal processing machines, including bending presses and cutting shears, as well as coordinate drills, industrial grinders, modern TIG and MIG/MAG welding machines, and other equipment available in our facility.

To ensure optimal utilization of our machines, we have a team of professional engineers, CAD/CAM engineers, welders, machine operators, assemblers, and other skilled professionals.

Quality control is a priority for us, and our dedicated quality control department ensures the precision and accuracy of all finished products. We employ modern certified measuring devices and provide inspection sheets for each completed product, ensuring mutual satisfaction for both our customers and us as the manufacturer.

Thanks to our long-standing experience as Uzun Pack, we are able to offer fully automated solutions, including machines for processing and packaging food products, as well as other automated machines. Our automation services encompass the production of control electrical cabinets and the development of custom PLC programs using control units from leading companies like Schneider Electric, Unitronics, and Siemens. We also provide automation services for existing machines.